Logo refresh 2021

Needed a new fresh looking logo for my new folio site. Wanted to something to represent change, growth and a fit. The incomplete nature of the logo represents a sense for more growth. My final solution was to incorporate strong strokes which represents a direction combined with a colour that signifies calm, strength and intelligence.

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Corporate Design

Offering my time on a volunteer basis provided support, design and guidance in terms of creating a strong corporate logo which was inspired by mathematical equations and symbols... can you see it?

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September Retreat

A print ad designed for the Leaside Post to reflect a serene and inviting getaway. My solution was to incorporate holistic and natural colours to reflect the nature of this calming retreat.

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Screensaver - 2021

A multimedia screensaver you can use desktop, or even print if you like. I like to share my secrets, it was created with photoshop, illustrator and... I might keep the last one to myself. Enjoy.