During a tough and challenging time I was given the opportunity to help use my design & marketing skills to promote fitness and wellbeing. My solution was to create a print, CPC & online campaign which focused on a safe and controlled environment promoting health and wellbeing.

The MAS Academy - Explore, Learn & Play

An incredible volunteer experience working with The MAS Academy's founder Michel Shah to provide my design & marketing experience. I provided strong corporate design identity using elements that incorporated the MAS Academy's vision and focus into a wide range of print and online design elements .
tHE mas academy- Logo design

Logo design

After sitting with Michel Shah and getting a feel for the MAS’s vision my solution was to incorporate strong rich colours and incorporate their actual values into the logo.¬†


An informational tri-fold flyer enabling readers to get up-to-date information and always providing clean and concise design reflecting the image and vision of The Mas Academy.

2018 School yearbook

Working closely with The MAS Academy we created a fun & professional yearbook providing parents, students and teachers with lots of images and detailed student information 

SwitchfitOnline Fitness Campaign

A campaign geared towards creating awareness to the benefits of fitness and good nutrition. My solution was to create online elements combined with print elements that would educate and provide fitness routines to aid in my clients health and wellness.