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Online design elements. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, email blasts and video elements.

The Montreal Canadiens - 100 Years of Glory

An exciting opportunity for me as a Habs fan as I was given the opportunity to design and manage an online campaign for the Montreal Canadiens during an epic run in the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs. I designed a series of animated gifs and managed and designed a series of cpc campaigns resulting in a 14% success rate.
Author: D'arcy jenish

The Montreal canadiens

Animated gifs files, was advertised on TSN and I also used a wide variety of placements to promote this book. I combined online ads with CPC campaigns to promote and increase sales by 12% during the 2010 playoff run.


A wide variety of online a print marketing was used to promote Don Cherry’s bestseller. Animated online gif ads, ads in the Hockey News and cpc campaigns were part of the timely executed campaigns.